PURPENDICULAR – Wilhering, Austria, 21.8.2015 (Live-Review)

Purpendicular – Wilhering CultureClub, Austria 21.08.2015: Even if you haven’t heard of this band before, the name leaves you with no doubt as to what to expect from them. To call this Irish/German/Austrian/Italian/Hungarian band a cover band would be doing them a great disservice. They don’t cover the songs, they own them. Close your eyes and it really could be Deep Purple. Even better I fact, as Ian Gillan can’t get those big high notes in „Child In Time“ anymore. Robby can and spot on, with a very convincing Coverdale voice on „Mistreated“. The extremely personable guitarist Frank Pané is definitely of the Steve Morse mould, and to say he is good would be an understatement. He has the styles nailed, but it’s nicely infused with his own playing, rock solid rhythm and blistering speed licks, but still melodic and full of feeling. Bass and drums keeping the flow and drive exactly how it should be, and the Hammond organ the cherry on the cake. They embody the sound and energy of the original Deep Purple, members of which even play on tour and record with them. They are that good.


The set was an interesting mixture of old and new Purple songs, „Perfect Strangers“, and a handful of original tunes, which, to be honest are so good they could easily be have been penned by Gillan and Blackmore. „Speed King“, „Highway Star“, and of course that song about a hotel fire were played with energy, enthusiasm and feeling. You can see they love what they are doing. So many bands come over as miserable and arrogant on stage. Not Purpendicular, they are having fun and it spills into the audience. Admittedly this small audience was a little cool at first but warmed up towards the end – despite the singer’s occasional “jokes” (ok, they got funnier after a few beers …) , but the band kept on smashing out brilliant fun music all evening. Stuck in the middle of a major European tour (plus some dates in South Africa) of nearly 50 shows from Denmark to Portugal, at venues of thousands on the back of a new major recording deal and imminent CD release, they slipped in here to an audience of just a hundred or so near their “home” town of Wels in Austria. They look a little like their role-models, enough to set the scene, but they are not clones, neither visually nor musically. Let’s say more like DP’s younger brothers. If you can’t afford to see Deep Purple, this band is the next best thing – as I said before, perhaps even better. If they’re in your area and you even vaguely like classic rock, don’t miss them. You will have a great time!

Live-Review & Picture by TIM CHALLENGER

Weblinks: Official Homepage, facebook, Culture Club Wilhering




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